What Are the Signs of Distracted Drivers?

Each year, thousands of people lose their lives as a result of distracted driving. They are a significant contributor to crashes involving both pedestrians and other cars. You can search for warning indicators to steer clear of these dangerous drivers. 

There are a number of distractions which result in serious accidents. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research indicates that the driver was looking away from the road right before the impact in nearly 80% of the crashes and 65% of the near-crash incidents.

It is important to understand these and remember to avoid any dangerous incident. This can also help you to keep the driver accountable in case of any unfortunate accident, with the help of your distracted driving attorney.

If you are hurt in distracted driving-related accidents, lawyers for distracted driving injuries may assist you in obtaining the compensation for their medical expenses, and other losses. 

3 Types of Distracted Driving

Most people associate distracted driving with people mentally absent on the road. But there are lots of things that can make a driver absent minded. They are three types of confused driving that lists below:   

1. Cognitive Distraction

It occurs when a driver’s focus is taken off from driving and instead directed towards another task.  Examples of cognitive distractions include:

  • Texting or talking on phone
  •  Daydreaming
  • Getting angry with another driver

2. Manual Distraction: 

It means when the driver removes his hands from the wheel for something else. Cognitive distractions and manual distractions may coexist.  Examples of manual distractions:

  •  Eating
  •  Adjusting the dashboard controls
  • Texting
  •  Grabbing a cup of coffee

3. Visual Distraction: 

It happens when a driver’s eyes are diverted from the road due to some diversion. Examples of visual distractions are:

  • Using Phone
  • Checking your GPS
  • Conversing with a passenger
  • Putting on makeup  
  • Taking in the view

Signs of a Distracted Driver

Now that you know the distraction types, it’s time to focus on ways you can spot a distracted driver on the road with you. 

  1. Keeping an Inconsistent Speed

When you observe another driver speeding or braking suddenly while you are driving, it is because the other driver is too preoccupied to keep up with the required speed. 

They are traveling up and down while concentrating on something else. They are not paying attention to the road or the posted speed limit. 

  1. Drinking, Chewing, or Eating

Eating or drinking while driving is among the most common types of distraction. Seeing a driver eating, chewing, or drinking while operating a vehicle is a solid sign that they are distracted.

This indicates that their attention is off the road and that they are either grasping for their food or drink or are consuming it. 

  1. Applying the Brakes in Irresponsible Way

One of the sure signs of distracted driving is when the driver hits the brakes abruptly and frequently. Normal driving involves paying attention to the road and making normal starts and stops. Such a driver who is not paying attention to the road will have to slam on the brakes. It is because they failed to notice the traffic slowing down. 

  1. Breaking Rules of Traffic

If someone runs a stop sign and you meet with an accident or a near-miss at an intersection, it is likely that the driver was not paying attention to incoming traffic. To beat the traffic, some drivers try to speed up through intersections.  

  1. Looking Down or Bad Posture

Seeing a distracted driver looking down at their lap or hunched over is another telltale sign. They’re probably gazing at their phone if they’re staring down at their lap. This is especially obvious at night when the cell phone’s light shines inside the vehicle.

They might not be paying attention to the road if they are bending over. This is because they might be collecting something off the floor or looking for anything.     

  1. Failure to Take a U-turn

To let other cars know where you are moving next, you must activate your turn signal. They can then decide how they should move in response to your action. The absence of a signal indicates poor planning and a potential for distraction on the part of the driver. 

  1. Interaction While Driving

If you witness a driver interacting with passengers in their vehicle, they are usually the source of their distraction. A parent may be distracted from the road by their child, or they may be engaged in a lengthy chat with their passenger and lose track of time. In either case, having those private conversations shows that they aren’t paying attention. Distracted Driving by Teenagers

Teenagers are more likely than older drivers to be caught driving irresponsibly as per the records. Young or teenage passengers who are traveling in a vehicle driven by teens increase the risk of distracted driving accidents.

  1. Drifting While Driving 

It is rather simple to tell if a car next to you is drifting, thanks to lane markings. Take a distracted driver into account if you notice a car drifting out of the middle of the lane, even if it doesn’t violate the lines.

If the distracted driver does turn into a nearby lane, give that car more room to avoid being sideswiped.

  1. Taking Too Long at Intersections

Many drivers take advantage of the brief time at the stop signal to take care of something else.

If the driver does not act when the light turns green and the other cars start to move, this is a common indicator that it is happening. If you notice a driver acting in this way, then it is a sure sign of some driver whose distraction may continue for long. 

Final Word: 

If you are one of the accident victims, you can get help from attorneys to hold the driver accountable. You can pursue reimbursement from the insurance of the at-fault driver if you suffer serious injuries as a result of a distracted driver and your medical expenses as well.

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