NetBaseQuid is a website with some neat and useful information. The site allows users to submit content easily, comment on other submissions, and even upload images to their stories. Many people from different backgrounds have submitted content similar to this one. The submission titles are all one word, and the submission pages are very similar. 

Drug Launch

In 1970, the U.S. government launched a project about drug statistics. The website is called: It has tabs for States, Cities, Find a Drug, and most importantly for me… Statistics! Under statistics, there are categories for Illicit Drug Use and Illicit Drug Use. They had percentages from 10 years-2008 to 2014. I found a statistic that said; people who have tried any illicit drug even once reached 12 million people for the first time in 2014. They also gave details about what drug launch were used in what states, cities, and counties around the country.


Xpressions is a tool that helps its website visitors express their feelings in a way that fits the situation. They have an online dictionary to create new expressions and learn about different phrases. I found an exciting entry called “Weirdness.” It stated: 1/10 of people surveyed answered this question using the word “weird.” According to Xpressions, approximately 240 million people worldwide have watched at least one YouTube video in their lifetime. I also found a great article about what makes American workers happy by a company called It was from 2014, but still interesting information to explore. I also found a fascinating website called, where there are many sub-categories for posts about many different subjects. I found a link in the YouTube comments section to a YouTube channel called “Tenth Grade Horror Story.” The video titled: Why Cereal Oatmeal is the Worst Breakfast Food Ever [NSTBRCS 2015]). The user who created that video had posted over 1 thousand videos about bad food and other weird things, such as this one. 

Virtually You

This website has simple and easy-to-use tools for finding and printing out information. The site has a categorized list of all the countries in the world. It also has a “How many people live in this country,” and a “How many people live in this city” page. It also has a YouTube category list with over 6 million videos involving some computer simulation. I found an interesting article: “Here’s a crazy fact about the housing market: In virtually every neighborhood in America, there are at least one percent more homes on the market than there are homes for sale.” It is from the National Association of Realtors. 

After School Special

This website has a fascinating section that discusses subjects such as thalidomide, racism, and World War I. The author posted an article from November 2014 called: “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Thalidomide.” This website also has a very well-put-together random facts section. The last submission was by a user named “PrincessFuzzy,” and it is a list of facts related to zombies. The top fact was: “The word zombie comes from the Haitian word ‘zombi,’ meaning dead.” 

It’s All Under Control

It is a news feed that covers various news articles by many writers. Most stories are about natural disasters and terrorist attacks. 

The first story’s title is: “U.S. Military Confirms First Ebola Case in Europe, Spain’s Health Ministry Confirms Spanish Ebola Case Suspected to Be From Liberia.” It is an article from September 2014 from The Independent, a British newspaper.

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