Mourinho is called by the Portuguese and Brazilian national teams

Logically, the succession of layoffs at BS-2022 has opened up many vacancies. And prestigious ones at that. What coach wouldn’t dream of managing a Brazilian, Portuguese, or Spanish national team? The problem is that you can’t drag the toughest professionals to the national teams right now – club soccer is higher than national tournaments, and the maestros like Klopp, Guardiola or Ancelotti prefer to work in a daily regime. The national teams are mainly played by those who did not do well at the top clubs. Or who got stuck in the role of the unemployed.

Jose Mourinho belongs to neither the first nor the second category. He is no longer in the pool of the best coaches in the world, but remains in high demand at club level. “Roma is not a grandee of European soccer in the full sense of the word, but it is not the last team in Italy, to put it mildly. However, the results of the Portuguese in the Eternal City are not impressive yet. Last season, having taken charge of Roma in May 2021, he finished sixth in Serie A, only one point ahead of the unstable Fiorentina of Alexander Kokorin, while this season he is seventh. Yes, there is a victory in the newly formed Conference League, but it is hardly a tournament in which to be proud of a triumph on such a scale.

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Mourinho turned European soccer on its head with his bold ideas, but there has been talk of his methods being obsolete for seven years, ever since he was sacked from Chelsea. At Man Utd and Tottenham, José has shown nothing, only cementing his reputation as a toxic personality in which the atmosphere in the dressing room sooner or later becomes heated. One could argue for a long time about why Mourinho’s methods no longer work at the top level. To avoid stretching it out, let’s put it succinctly: Jose is unable to deliver either dominant (which has never been his trump card) or pressing soccer. And those are the two most important components of the modern game.

Mourinho has not been ranked among the best in the profession for a long time, and the last major trophy he took was in 2017, winning the Europa League with Man Utd. It is unlikely that Jose will be called up to a top club any time soon, but the top teams are opening the door for him. We need to seize the moment and return to the spotlight. In this game, Mourinho can still show what he is worth. And we have missed Jose’s work at the highest level.

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