Lynk raises $24M from Brewer Lane Ventures and MassMutual Ventures

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Lynk raised $24M in funding led by Brewer Lane Ventures and MassMutual Ventures. The company has raised the total fund value of $30M. Driven by AI Lynk believes that knowledge is service. Reliable expertise and dependable advice and opinions will be always requisite for businesses and investors. The funding will be used by Lynk to enhance its products and cover North America. It is becoming increasingly difficult with the overfeeding of information on the internet to find the right source for constructive advice and opinion. Listing experts along with knowledge domains using Ai technology Lynk has been able to provide answers to relevant questions to experts, in turn connecting 840K companies with experts from around the world for taking informed and right business decisions become expert of trading in short time.

Lynk has a unique and work-efficient platform that provides companies to query without the chaos of traditional emailing and unnecessary time consumption. With the time saved and questions answered with accuracy productivity increases. Understanding one’s acquired knowledge and comprehending information is a crucial part of any business building. Lynk provides experts and networks on the same pedestal making it accessible and comprehensive.

Martha Notaras managing partner, Brewer Lane Ventures noted that Lynk has extreme potential and is probably the only platform that provides knowledge management in going above and beyond the traditional approach.

Customers of Lynk have become able to manage their own knowledge with the help of the innovative solutions provided by Lynk, observed by the CEO and founder Peggy Choi.

With a massive 840K experts and the collaboration of companies like Wells Fargo, Airbnb, Pfizer, and many more big and branded companies Lynk provides information in various sectors.

Lynk is a leader and pathfinder in the field of knowledge management constantly enhancing its services with its futuristic technological solutions.

Lynk is now a leader of its kind in Asia with an unprecedented growth rate and a rising demand for its intelligent platforms.

Brewer Lane Ventures.

Brewer Lane focuses and invests in startups with its vast knowledge of the insurance and financial service industries. Concentrating on insurance and fintech companies. Bringing together domain expertise for venture investing, scaling startups, and running.

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