How to Handle Abusive Situations When You Are a Female Solo Traveler?

Many individuals and intimate relationships can be a victim of domestic abuse (DV). Women of different ages, races, nations, and professions highlight the prevalence of this epidemic. And bring awareness to how harmful DV is for both people and society. A female solo traveler in today’s society worries about their safety.

Even individuals who have completed more than ten journeys alone and are seasoned solo travelers, still worry about their safety. There are many unknowns and difficulties while traveling alone. And for women, the worry that something terrible might happen to them makes those problems and unknowns even harder.

For this reason, we have compiled the most thorough list of solo female travel safety tips and how it could be helpful to have a sexual abuse lawyer in case of being the victims of SV.

7 Safety Tips for a Solo Female Traveler

The following tips can assist you in maintaining general safety.

1. Research Before Leaving

Make sure you first conduct research about the country you are visiting. Before leaving for your travel destination, learn as much as you can about the nation. Browse personal blogs, post queries on well-known discussion boards, and join Facebook travel groups. It is advisable for a female traveler traveling alone to inquire about other female travelers’ experiences abroad. When traveling to a new nation, educate yourself about the weather, natural catastrophes, dangerous places, current political atmosphere, unrest, cultural norms and dress, scams, and other helpful information. Recognize that life differs from place to place because of several reasons including socio-political and cultural reasons.

2. Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Keep an eye out for what and who is nearby. “If you can see it, you can stop it” is the guiding principle. Keep your 240-degree field of vision open. It requires caution like when you are operating an automobile. One needs to pay close attention to what’s happening around and always be alert. 

Also make rapid judgements to prevent accidents. If you can recognize when someone is coming or move too close when it is unnecessary, you will have more time to act and consider.

3. Listen to Your Gut

Always follow your intuition or gut instinct. Your intuition will tell you if something is wrong: “Something is not right.” Embrace it. Face it. Trusting your gut instinct is essential when traveling alone and depending on strangers. 

There are a lot of wonderful individuals in the world, but there are also bad people. Your intuition is the radar that can assist you in separating them.

4. Have the Courage to Say “NO”

Don’t worry that saying yes only when it seems right will disappoint others. Your independent adventure is all about you. 

The push to keep drinking and take part in further rounds of shots usually takes place daily in pubs and hostels. As a solo female traveler, it is very important to understand your rights and know the abuse laws of not only your country but also the foreign country where you visit. 

5. Use Your Phone

Your cell phone is useful not for Facebook or Instagram, but also for safety reasons. Using Google Maps may make you feel more secure and at ease, if you are aware that you struggle with directions. Being lost and wandering are quite different things. You can call someone with your phone if you need help.

You can use your phone for safety in the following ways:

Understanding what others say to you can put you in a safe mode.

  • Drop A Pin

When we travel to new places, we usually leave a pin with family or friends. To let them know exactly where you are so they can find you in an emergency.

  •  Maps

To use without data or Wi-Fi, you can download the offline version of any city your visiting’s maps. To keep your phone charged in case you get lost or need to call someone in an emergency, buy a portable charger.

6. Act Confidently in Front of Strangers

Attitude is the key to confidence. Thieves and con artists will perceive you as unprotected, disoriented, or lost if you exhibit these characteristics. They are seeking innocent victims. Develop a street-smart appearance. 

The average New Yorker has a bold and assured posture, as seen by looking at them. They appear alert and concentrated as they travel in a well-defined direction. Plus, you should have confidence and know how to report sexual abuse in case it happens.

7. Be Alert When Eating & Drinking

Drinking too much can make it difficult for you to make wise decisions. Thus, let a friend or relative know your plans if you’re going out alone for the evening. You might even use your smartphone to share your current position. 

Sexual Abuse Lawyer: What They Can Do for You? 

A lawyer who concentrates on sexual abuse cases, legislation, or activism are a sexual abuse lawyer. Sexual abuse attorneys may represent both plaintiffs and defendants in court. They explain you about sexual harassment in general and how it is taken as a  crime and in which situation you can take action.

Besides representing clients in court, a sexual abuse attorney may collaborate with businesses and organizations to develop and enhance abuse policies or attempt to strengthen local, national and international harassment prevention measures.

The impact of sexual abuse can be severe in victims’ life at workplace,organization, or institution. A sexual abuse attorney cares more about stopping sexual assault but on the other side of the coin also defends false charges from damaging an innocent person’s reputation or career.

Lawyers for sexual abuse may have further training in relevant subjects including psychology, sexual harassment or rape victim management, plus to law school and undergraduate education. Some sexual assault attorneys opt to concentrate their careers on court cases.

These kinds of attorneys help navigate the entire legal process.From meeting with clients, to looking up cases, and talking to witnesses and collecting the evidence which can make the case strong all come under the regular duties of the sexual abuse attorney.Representing the clients in court to ensure justice to the victims is what is expected from them when the case goes to court.

Others may volunteer or focus most of their efforts on working with legal aid clinics that offer lawyers or legal help to clients who cannot afford a private lawyer. Other lawyers prefer to work in private practice or a law firm.

Final Words

Being a female solo traveler is gratifying. When traveling abroad, remember all safety recommendations. So, you can have many enjoyable experiences, whether alone or with the company. Plus, you should know your rights to when and why you need to hire Sexual Abuse Lawyer.

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