Host Township for Parx Shippensburg Hopes to Win Big in Taxes

Shippensburg Township is home to Shippensburg University and has a population of about 4,200. It is about 45 minutes away from downtown Harrisburg. The opening of a new business is generating excitement in the township. Parx Casino will have a grand opening celebration in Shippensburg on Friday, February 3, 2023. 

Parx Casino in Shippensburg

Parx Casino in Shippensburg is Pennsylvania’s 17th casino. The mini-casino of 73,000 square feet has approx. 500 slot machines. There’s a central electronic gaming area with live dealers and kiosks for sports wagering. 

A 100-seat restaurant and bar complete the offering. The restaurant menu will include fresh stone-baked pizzas made to order and other comfort food such as fish and chips and spaghetti and meatballs. 

Parx Casino’s parent company, Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, has an innovative approach to gambling. Last year, it partnered with Playtech, an online gambling software supplier, to launch the betPARX app. Gamblers are increasingly using mobile apps like this. The PA online casino has a sleek user interface and a number of other benefits for gamblers. 

Benefits to Shippensburg

Many residents of Shippensburg are very excited, and they have some good reasons for this. 

  • The new casino will provide employment for security officers, cashiers, dealers, cooks, and more. 
  • Shippensburg expects to get two percent of the slots revenue from the casino and two percent of the gaming table revenue. 
  • Parx Casino has agreed to donate $100,000 a year for ten years to support community organizations like the local police, fire department, and EMS. 
  • Shippensburg State University doesn’t pay taxes, and there are costs associated with being the host of the state school. The tax revenue could contribute to meeting costs like the roads around the school and other costs relating to off-campus housing that the township carries. 

Room to expand

The casino industry outlook is positive, and there is no reason why the mini-casino shouldn’t do very well. Parx does have some room to expand on the premises. The location was previously the home of a Lowes store that closed at the end of 2018. There is extra warehouse space that is currently being used for storage. There are no plans at present to use the space, but it could provide room for the future development of additional restaurants or gaming space.

A visit to Shippensburg

The casino’s opening has been anticipated for a while, and there will be some invite-only testing days before the grand opening. For those traveling to Pennsylvania for vacation, a visit to the casino in Shippensburg may fit in well with their plans. Shippensburg lies in the scenic Cumberland Valley, which is only a short drive from many metropolitan centers. 

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