Finally an Alcohol Detox Center for the Executives

Is your busy schedule keeping you from quitting alcohol? Are you occupied with work and feeling stressed all the time? If this is what is keeping you drinking all the time, then remember, your little actions can add up and cause you harm in the days to come. Fortunately, there are a lot of alcohol detox center opening up across the country and you can pop into one of them for a quick detox. The best of all is that you can enjoy a luxurious stay all the while you catch up with your work during your stay.

Best Amenities for Your Recovery

Briarwood Detox Center gives you the luxury alcohol detox package, a comprehensive plan that includes all the amenities you will enjoy during your detox treatment. With this package, you can reserve a private suite for your stay, a gourmet menu with chef prepared meals, a private study, a quiet corner with Wi-Fi for you to work, and lots more. You will feel like you are on a vacation during your detox for alcohol. You can relax, rest and recover from your alcohol addiction in peace.

CEOs, Politicians, Artists & Film Stars

A lot of VVIPs choose this package and get admitted to the facility in private. They attend the detox sessions every day and recover completely within a few days. You might have noticed some politicians, and movie stars getting addicted to drugs for a while and after a brief break, they get back on stage fresh and renewed. They get this magical transformation through the alcohol detox. This treatment provides an easy way to relieve from drugs and start over again. The alcohol detox clinic also prepares you for rehab, in case your addiction is very severe and therapies are needed.

Complete & Continuous Care for You

At Briarwood, you will be provided the latest treatments developed for detox. This medicine induced detox will take anywhere between 4 days to 1 week. During this period, you will be attending several rounds of detox, depending on the severity of your alcohol abuse. You will also be monitored continuously by your personal health-care manager, who will guide you through the detox for alcohol treatment step by step. All our clinicians will be available to assist you 24/7 and you will feel like you are home.

Due Protection of Your Privacy & Discretion

You will be protected by our institution, and your privacy will be safely guarded. No one will ever know you are here and with the luxury rehab, everything will be brought to your room. This includes your food, to the detox treatment, and even your counselors too. Briarwood has served thousands of people across the country and most of them are high-value individuals who required privatized treatment with no public attention. We are also available to help on call too. In case you ever need urgent care for any drug related problem, call us anytime. You need not worry about the discretion and confidentiality of your treatment. It is completely safe with us.

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