Earn Extra Money with the Slot Game Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88

As the gambling market continues to evolve, slot games remain one of the most popular genres for players and bettors alike. From their beautiful graphics and impressive rewards to their variety, it’s no surprise that this genre is so beloved. One noteworthy game, in particular, stands out – Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88! Read on as we dive into what makes this betting game a must-try with Fun88!

Overview of the slot game Hercules Son of Zeus at Fun88

The Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88 slot game is designed with a Greek mythology theme interface. Based on player ratings, this game is quite easy to play like Pegasus Rising Slot. Therefore, the betting community can quickly get acquainted with this game at Fun88.

Besides, the interface is beautifully designed with the majestic scenery of ancient times, and bold classics. That, making many brothers enjoy, is like immersing in the ancient world of ancient Greece. Accompanying that is the appearance of two main characters appearing in the game Hercules and Zeus. Although only these two characters appear, it is enough to make the game unique and attractive.

In particular, the slot game Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88 is easily accessible to players. Because of the easy search system and the most user-friendly interface for new players. 

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Icons in the game

It can be said that the slot game Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88 is quite outstanding. Because thanks to the beautiful icons that appear in the interface when betting. Let’s find out the icons included in this game in detail below:

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is one of the most visible symbols in online slots. This symbol appears during random spins during play. Besides, you can get a bonus amount up to x 25 times when 5 symbols are displayed at the same time. Besides, the Wild symbol is also divided into two common types in Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88 :

Hercules Wilds: On the reels, this symbol will appear randomly anywhere. After the spin is over, the player will proceed to another spin if the Wild symbol shows up.

Pegasus Wild: This symbol is similar to the above symbol in any position. It can also substitute for other symbols except for Hercules Bonus, Thunderbolt Bonus and Pegasus Bonus. Besides, when this symbol appears, the bonus will be doubled. 

Scatter icon

Scatter symbols in the shape of thunder and prominent gold are present in the game. If this symbol combines with other specified symbols, the player will receive additional free spins. 

Free Spins (Free Spins)

There are three free spins players will get in a game of Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88. Besides, players will get free spins when lucky to receive symbols during the spin. In addition, players also have the opportunity to receive X5 worth of bets if they win.

Included with these free spins are the Hercules Free Spins and Thunderbolt Bonus features. Both will appear on the 1st reels and 3 Hercules symbols at the same time. 

Not only that, the lucky spin will come with Pegasus Free Spins and Thunderbolt Bonus features. Both also appear on reel 1 and the Pegasus symbol appears 3 times. If there are Thunderbolt Bonus, Hercules and Pegasus symbols on the reels, additional free spins are awarded.

Bolts of Zeus

Bolts of Zeus symbols are usually arranged on the reels by stacking. When the reels end, this symbol will appear randomly. 


In case the player gets the bonus function get 1 of 3 Wild symbols. At that time, you will be able to activate the free spins Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88. 

A Review of Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88

After compiling player reviews of Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88, we would like to summarize the recorded content that players can refer to:

  • As for the interface, the background image stands out, combining natural effects. That creates a mythical scene, players will sink into the game quickly. The arrangement is designed in a 5×3 frame and up to 20 rows are displayed by default. Besides, the layout is also clear and user-friendly, so it will be easy to manipulate for the first time. 
  • Sound is also one of the factors that make the game experience interesting for players. The background music is extremely attractive, so it will be the best thing that you cannot ignore. In addition, the bet level in the game Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88 is also diverse, which can be suitable for all audiences. 

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FAQs about playing the Hercules Son of Zeus slot game at Fun88

Q:  What kinds of bonus features are available in Fun88’s version of Hercules Son of Zeus slot game?

A: Fun88’s version of the Hercules Son of Zeus slot game includes two main bonus features. These include the Wild symbol which can appear randomly, substituting for other symbols, and multiplying any wins. Additionally, this game also has three free spin features, including the Hercules Free Spins, Thunderbolt Bonus Features, and Pegasus Free Spins. The lucky spins will come with additional free spins if there are three or more matching symbols on the reels. Finally, Fun88 also offers a Bolts of Zeus symbol which can appear randomly when the reels end. This symbol helps players to win even more prizes during their gameplay experience.

Q: What kinds of prizes can I win when playing Fun88’s version of the Hercules Son of Zeus slot game?

A: Fun88’s version of the Hercules Son of Zeus slot game offers players the chance to win a variety of prizes. Players can receive cash rewards, multipliers, and additional free spins during their gameplay experience.


Above is the relevant information about the slot game Hercules Son of Zeus Fun88. Hopefully, through this article, you will have great experiences and successful betting at Fun88.

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