Berlin-based Razor Group acquires $125M at a $1B Valuation

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Berlin Razor Group valuation has crossed $1B after raising $125M equity funding in Series B as told by CEO and co-founder Tushar Ahluwalia. In order to create greater e-commerce economies of scale, major companies have been swooping in on Amazon merchants. This has received channeling and large funding from the world of venture capital. Berlin’s Razor group is one of the most essential participants in this scenario.

Razor firmly believes that it is one of the sharks rather than one of the biggest in Europe in the sea of startups which have amassed billions to grab minor Amazon-based merchants. More than 70% of its revenue is actually generated in the U.S.

According to Ahluwalia the business strategy of Razor is not merely based on bringing in smaller Amazon merchants that have been modeled on the FBA infrastructure. About to achieve a revenue of $400 M in revenue at the year ending in December, and going strong towards $1B in sales in 2022. The aim and ambition is to buy and then unify them with a larger and broader operation with the target to eventually be less dependent on amazon.

According to managing director Gamon, the all-equity Series B funding will be used for expansion, hiring and building operations focusing on the Chinese market. The series was led by existing and new investors such as Jebsen Capital, Fortress Investment Group, Victory Park Capital, and so on. Razor now stands at more than 300 employees and is currently operating in Shenzhen, Berlin, Bangalore, London, Delhi and Austin.

Just 14 months old Razor is making its mark rapidly from the Rocket playbook. Covering more than 150 brands it boasts of nearly 80 merchants.

Third-party merchants get ample options in case of buyers. Large amounts were raised by Thrasio at $1B, Perch at $775M and others like, Elevate Brands, Suma, Olsem and Heroes also played in. Shrestha Chowdhury CTO and co-founder remarked that Razor analyzes and evaluates about a 1.5million Amazon merchants and sourcing about 80,000 of them. Pitching its ability to perform in such a way is by building its tech platform monitoring merchants using marketplaces such as Amazon. Chowdhury also pointed out that Razor does not depend on the FBA brokers.

It is the center of Razor’s policy and strategy based on trust and experience.

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